Radio Exercise Continued

1. Because I said so: Alternative Instructions
“Throw your hands in the air… and wave ‘em like you just don’t care.”

Name one song that you’ve heard on the radio recently that comes with instructions. →

By: __________________________________
What does the song tell you to do?
the last song I heard told me to : drop it like it’s hot. Hmm.

If you could give that artist some instructions of your own, what would you say?
Who tells you what to do in real life? What do they tell you to do?
If you could give those same people some instructions, what would you tell them to do? (Seriously.)
If you could blast some simple instructions for the following people what would you tell them to do?

the school board: _______________________________________________________

the President: __________________________________________________________

your supermarket: ______________________________________________________

your best friend: _______________________________________________________

the mayor: ______________________________________________________________

your neighbor: __________________________________________________________

your teacher: ____________________________________________________________

2. The Art of Interruption:
Only hip-hop artists think it’s a good idea to interrupt their own albums with public service announcements about littering (goodie mob) skits about ordering Chinese food (the fugees), random
(What is your favorite interlude? _____________)
gunshots (make a list). Interludes add more of the story and make us listen to songs differently. On a separate sheet of paper practice the poetic art of interruption.

Turn on your favorite radio station. What are the next two songs that come on?
Write an interlude to go between these two songs that says something about both of them.
Imagine that you could insert an interlude into any setting in your real life. How would you interrupt…
fast food________________ radio ad
What else would you interrupt?


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