Alternate Youth Leadership Curriculum

International Black Youth Summit Agenda (Structure)
Introduction: What is the history of the summit? What is the purpose of the summit.

We exist to facilitate the connection, self-expression and empowerment of young people of African descent around the world. We are young people making our visions real in our communities and exemplifying the principles of youth, transformation, love and possibility as a powerful approach to the universe.

-Two ways to participate in the training
1. How to be a facilitator of the distinctions in your life.

2. How to be facilitator of the International Black Youth Summit in your community.
Proposed: Each component of the weekend addresses each of the above two goals.

*As the participants introduce themselves, facilitators will be paying attention to who is from the same neighborhood, same school, same church same team nawmean?
*Each participant will lead something, our discussion on a question, their small group, a role play etc.

Distinctions: (for each distinction what is an example to apply to your self, what is an example for your community)
Eg: quick fix:
a. something that you do to distract yourself from the conversation (a sign that you are triggered)
b. an excuse not to change an underlying problem. a route that an institution takes in order not to live up to the potential of the people in our community.

(Later we can decide whether a large conversation, a small group, a role playing exercise or a personal freewrite is best for each issue)
What does it mean to be black? Are you a nigger? What is the possibility of being black?
What do I not want people to know about me?
Who would I have to be in order to trust? (What would trust look like made real in our communities)
What is love?
Love exists in life as a powerful, unconditional and infinite entity.
Culture creates our expressions of love, but love is not limited by culture. One manifests love as joy, passion, trust/faith, compassion and connection inclusively.

– International Black Youth Summit
August 4, 2001

(What does love look like made real in our communities?)

When I was Younger/When I grow up Exercise:
Radio Poetry: as an example of activities that you can do in your community
What are other activities that you could do? (small group brainstorm)
Time Exercise:
What do you want to spend your time on in the next year towards your vision (of love). (Try not to hear Mariah Carey in your head.)


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