A Love Movement

A Love Movement

Purpose of the love course: To provide participants with access to their lives as love. To instigate falling in love (with oneself, a community, a planet) as a new political mode of power and action.

Love exists in life as a powerful, unconditional and infinite entity.
Culture creates our expressions of love, but love is not limited by culture. One manifests love as joy, passion, trust/faith, compassion and connection inclusively.

– International Black Youth Summit
August 4, 2001

Set-up: quotes and pictures of love-lee things around the room, people can do love shout-outs and add quotes and pictures throughout. Also have a love bag so that people can write notes to each other.

Musing: Focusing exercise. Everyone writes on a piece of scrap paper (and may or may not share it) for the length of one song. A smart facilitator might choose a love song…broadly defined. (Though right now…I’m thinking Sade’s “By Your Side”…the Fela Kuti Remix from Red Hot Riot)

*be sure to underline what part of the curriculum we are in
Love exists (10-15 minutes): Each participant introduces themselves using their name, where they are from and by invoking the presence of a loved one. Who do they want to dedicate their time here to (it could be to themselves) and why? (I think that this dedication can serve as what the participants have at stake…what do you guys think?)

Ground rules: (5-7 minutes) Offer participants the opportunity to choose their own participation. Ask people what ground rules we need to have in the room for them to feel safe. If no one says, confidentiality, speak for yourself, don’t interrupt, don’t attack anyone, step up/step back…the facilitators should request these things. Facilitators should explain the phrase “permission to engage”.

Introduction: (5 minutes max) The facilitator(s) do a brief introduction of what the International Black Youth Summit has been up to. And what the purpose of this day is. Introduce the distinctions (which should be written on a large piece of paper that everyone can see).

In Life: (15 minutes)
Include the distinctions trigger, quick-fix, listening, no right way to be and no out there and love. For each distinction ask the participants to think of examples of how those distinctions show up individually and on a broader social level. (eg. trigger could show up individually when someone mentions something that I am struggling with…like skinny girls aren’t really black, and on a social level trigger could show up when the United States responds to Sept. 11 with a war on terror instead of with a re-evaluation of foreign policy.)
Spend more time on the love distinction. Find out if people want it.

Powerful, Unconditional, Infinite (15 minutes)

Break into partners and share with your partner everything that represents love for you. (Cupcakes, hugs, lemonade, my mom taking care of me when I’m sick, sunsets, babysitting, going to concerts etc. etc.) Encourage participants not to stop listing things until the facilitator says that it is time to switch.
In the big group share your experience of the exercise.

Culture creates our expressions of love: (as long as it takes) Still in the big group have a conversation about what love sounds like. Participants take turns name songs that they associate with love. Facilitators should ask participants what that song teaches us about love. Does that live up to the distinction we’ve made about love? Is anybody triggered by that version of love?

…but love is not limited by culture. (as long as it takes) The facilitator chooses a music video for a “love” song. Everyone watches. This introduces a conversation called “Lies you told me about love”. Why is love dangerous? How have we been betrayed? When have people given us something called love that was not love? What did we make that mean? How can the lessons we have learned from this allow us to love ourselves? How can we relate to these experiences in a way that affirms love as infinite, powerful and unconditional. What would it take to forgive…..ourselves.

break/ revolutionary interlude:
over the break everyone gets a handout with a quote about love by someone like Audre Lorde, Angela Davis, Che Guevara, James Baldwin, Fred Hampton, Ghandi, Assata Shakur or some other revolutionary. The homework is to read the quote and present it to the group when you get back. How can you apply this quote to your life…to your love?

One manifests love as: This conversation is a recontextualized version of “what is your vision?” The question is “What would your life and the world look life in a full manifestation of love?

kiss around the world

Stop in the name of love? Fear is the opposite of love. What are you afraid of. (Hint. It is most likely a conversation you are having that is insisting on the exact opposite of your vision.) So if your vision of love is “people connecting in full trust everywhere all at once” your stopmode conversation is probably something like “people can’t be trusted’.
What do you declare instead of this stopmode conversation. (Stopmode isn’t really a word. Does it work? What should we call this?)

joy, passion, trust/faith, compassion and connection inclusively…
Each participant stands and powerfully re-declares their love-vision (The World Is…) and sets a specific measurable goal of something that they are going to do that fulfills on their love-vision.
Each participant chooses a buddy (who hopefully lives near them) and gets their information and sets a check-in date. They should choose this partner because their vision speaks to them. The facilitators will pass around a sheet on which people put their names and contact info and their partners contact info..

Love this? Invite folks to become members of the facilitator body. A facilitator shares about how their participation in the body is love, and invites anyone to sign up to be a facilitator and invites them to the next call, and adds them onto the email list. (should this happen before the buddy exchange? Could the participants declare their visions and say that one do the things that they are doing to fulfill it is becoming a youth facilitator?)

Group hug up, squeeze up, love up photo.


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  1. I want to see our race come out into the streets for universal heath care to comemorate the life and struggle of us and our loyalty to the sacrifices of the Kennedy’s.
    Sincerely Gilbert Wainwright Founder C.E.O. United Coast to Coast organizations. One Love Movement 2009.

    now that said, what do you think?
    Dear, Black community and concerned citizens of this Great United States of America:
    My name name is Mr. Gilbert Wainwright, I am 49 years old and a black citizen of the U.S.That being said, I left my wife and the home we had together 3 years ago now. The cause of ending this cycle of young people destroying their lives and the livesof their neighbor’s consequently called me to the front line. I was one of the lucky ones who escaped from the cycle of drugs, murder, sex and violence. My criminal record still holds me back today, although my life has changed so very much in so many ways and so many years ago. Now as a result
    I have set up entrepreneurship opportunities and business opportunities, to help youth who cannot see a constructive way out. My website was established in 2007. Unitedwestcoast.com to inform the public of who I am and what I am doing .I wrote two books and self published them in 2006. One about socio-economics and one about my faith, my hope was to generate finances and support to end the self destructive behaviors that ruin young lives in those urban communities. I went from door to door in Los Angeles California and spoke to hundreds of people about gangs and drugs and crime many of the root causes of the problems ruining their youth. The challenges of the people in those communities are destroying lives everyday. I came up with ideas and solutions to stop the gang and drugs activity by releasing that financial strong hold on young minds, and changing the belief that tell youth that selling drugs and being a rap star are the best way for a
    person to earn big money and get out of the hood; and wrote hundreds of letters to hundreds of community leaders and Politian’s about this very idea. I have some good solid viable plans that only needed support. I even wrote to Donald Trump. Who I actually believed is more like me than some of the so-called “gangsters” whom I grew up with and helped to ruin the lives of our youth

    I am guilty of being ignorant and mislead myself and I promoted that ignorance and violence myself. I enjoyed the books, I read a few of his books, and so I gathered my opinion of his character based on his attitudes from his own words. He is not the way I thought he was before reading his books and for me, “ that is a plus”. I am writing this letter today because of reading his books He asked, “How is anyone going to know what you have done unless you tell them? “ That is Mr. Trump’s viewpoint. People need to be proud of their accomplishments and not be ashamed to
    be proud of their accomplishments. I think He is cool.
    I know that my views about ending much of the crime and violence and drug abuse that lead into, teen pregnancy and youth delinquency, crime murder and self-destruction. These ideas and plans will work if people would get with the program and back this idea of financial freedom as a means to end gang and drugs violence. My greatest accomplishment over this three-year journey is learning that I am one person and people are not as loving and helpful as I thought they were when I started out. I learned to go it alone. My mental hopes and attitude is high because the longitude is far reaching and could affect the world for years to come. , My ideas have been met with distrust, anger and doubts and disapproval but this multi million dollar operation of entrepreneurship for people in gangs and criminal behaviors is a sound path to reach the minds and hearts and souls of the young people in need of a positive influence to change their life. A vision is only
    a vision that be realized when people come together, and the best way to do that is starting by letting go of pride and preconceived ideologies that try to dictate what is and is not possible to accomplish by somebody else, It is not a good idea to tell somebody else what they can or can not achieve, yet that is what keeps on being done to these young people out there who are struggling to get a leg up on life and to make a way out of a bad situation. Discouragement is a very effective way to ruin someone’s chances, but it makes it worst to discourage a person by actually believing that you are encouraging the person. The same old debate continues, you have your W.E.B. Dubois on the left and your Booker T. Washington on your right. I believe that now in this great year of 2009 where the country has stepped out of the darkness of hypocrisy and into the light of truth in a community of American unity that anything should be possible.

    This organization started out as a concern for the problem and challenges in the streets of Los Angeles California, with the high murder rate and violence, the crime and drugs, sales and usage, young people do not even plan to live past 18 years old in many cases and death is an everyday reality for youth who see it in the streets they live in. Since that time I have developed into a much more open minded person with a much larger perspective of what I can encourage our youth to achieve. The Los Angeles Wave news paper ran a front page story in September 07 and I had the honor of
    being interviewed and asked and answered about 15 questions regarding gang violence in LA. I was able to do that interview but it was a difficult challenge because I wanted to truly talk about my plans for the future and the many good ideas that I had. I was trying to get someone out there who wanted to help solve the gang and drug problems as well as the crime and violence challenges, and education as well as their drop out rates. We can create a positive impact to reduce things such as, teen pregnancy, and so many of the negative activities that are going on and that spiral out of control initiated from bad ideology’s and poor decisions. I put myself out on the line by speaking on the gangs and the negative ignorant type of rap music. Primarily because I have been away from that ignorance and violence for so long and the people are totally undisciplined without any positive input for the youth. The gang mentality is suicidal it is also in itself
    , unproductive and, detrimental to positive living; by any civil standard. A society must have rules and, those rules must be followed in order to be a civil society, the gangs are taking pride in breaking the rules yet they are at the same time no rules of their own as well they are unorganized and have no loyalty nor leadership the gang members simply do whatever insanity comes to mind without any rules nor regulations to respect to people in their communities or anybody else. When a man does not respect his own mother or father sister or brother nor his friends and the people he meets then that man is uncivilized.

    I was in Los Angeles attending a gang intervention meetingwith Mr. Benny “ Taco” one of the chairs of the cease fire organization and Taco said, that he was asking the gang members out there who were doing the drive by shootings, at least do not shoot at people if they are with their innocent family members, because the assailants were shooting innocent women and children in the process of these drive by shootings, and did not seem to care. The gangs did not have any rules of engagement in place and as a result innocent people are being shot and killed. I applaud Taco and Pete and all of the members of the cease fire organization, they risk their lives and limbs everyday to make the streets a safer place in Los Angeles California but do not get the recognition they should. The front-page story that was done was tough because, I tried not to be condescending and be as a part of gangs even as I spoke against it. It was very challenging to straddle
    the fence not to offend those hardheaded young people.

    It is impossible to do that, but I did my best. I caught flack from a few people for what I said about
    Snoop dog and that I sounded like I was saying that I was the #2 man in my old gang. I was trying to use the neighborhood name to sale my clothing and books. I wanted to take off, but I was more concerned with helping to change the direction that young people are being lured into. Well I have the plans to save lives, elevate minds and make millionaires out of brilliant young people who can create a better image out of their situations and raise the bar about what is possible. Honestly and from the heart people, this idea about who did what and when from the old neighborhoods, “ is not on my top priority list”. In fact I am against all of the past and present gang activity that destroys life and ruins the opportunities for many youth to rise above menial labor, prisons and death. I stand against all forms of self-destruction and hate.

    I am writing this letter because the United Coast to Coast organizations UCC, clothing, protection and security services and martial arts schools are still in need of supporters but wait on my dollars to come through. When I am able to fund the United Coast to Coast organizations plans that is when the music will play metaphorically speaking. E-mail unitedwestcoast@yahoo.com web. http://www.unitedwestcoast.com

    Have the day you create for yourself , peace Mr. Gil Wainwright C.E.O U.C.C. Founder

    what do you think?

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